Travel Oman: Khor Al Batah, the suspension bridge in Sur

Oman Wednesday 04/September/2019 21:40 PM
By: Times News Service

The Ayjah Bridge, also known as Khor Al Batah, is a suspension bridge that connects two major suburbs of Sur: two segments on opposite ends of an estuary. It also helps dramatically cutting down travel time — for pedestrians and light vehicles — between the two sections of the city. Sur is undoubtedly one of the oldest ports in not just Oman, but the entire Arabian Gulf. Historically, it was the drop off point for many vital goods that came into the Middle East, having travelled across many dangerous leagues in the sea.
It was also a hub where many commodities were picked up before being taken overseas and injected much needed money into the local and national economy - for both the authorities and families in the region.
Although the bridge may be relatively new, the neighbourhood of Ayjah has always been an integral part of Oman.
According to Schlaich Bergermann Partners, one of the architectural consultants for the project, "The suspension bridge crosses an estuary and connects two suburbs of Sur. It has been designed for pedestrian and light vehicle use. The concrete slab, 30 cm thick and made of prefabricated elements, is supported by steel cross girders at 3 metres spacing. These girders are suspended by stainless steel cables from the two 115 millimetre diameter locked coil ropes.
"Additionally three stay cables on each side increase the bridge's stiffness to avoid wind oscillations. The accurate allocation of the self-weight loads on the hanger and stay cables was the most exciting challenge during the construction of this super-structure."