Oman Human Rights Commission praises specialist rehab hospital
September 2, 2019 | 8:58 AM
by Times News Service
OHRC has praised Al Massara hospital and the services it provides to patients.

Muscat: Oman’s Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has praised Al Massara hospital and the services it provides to patients.

The hospital specialises in psychotherapy and features drug rehabilitation programmes for those who require specialist medical care in the country. A team from the OHRC paid a visit to Al Massara hospital and met the management and a number of its medical staff. The team also visited the hospital’s various departments and listened to a detailed description of the services and health care provided.

A film shown to the visitors presented information about the hospital and its departments.

The psychotherapy services in the hospital are divided into five categories which include general mental conditions, separate services dealing with the mental health of elderly people, children and adolescents, and criminal psychology.

In addition, the hospital provides treatment for patients in drugs and alcohol addiction, services in the field of psychology and social services as well as rehabilitation such as physiotherapy occupational and speech therapy. The Hospital is deemed to be a training centre for doctors and medical staff in various specialties and categories.

The delegation was taken on a tour of the hospital and learned about the diagnostic services such as electroencephalography, psychological procedures, ultrasound technology, CT and X-ray scanning, as well as drug addiction treatment, detoxification, alcoholism treatment, rehabilitation for drug-addicts, and treatment for mental illness for adults, children and adolescents, in addition to emergency services.

The Oman Human Rights Commission praised the specialised health services provided by the hospital, the level of care provided to patients, the efficiency of the medical and occupational staff working in the hospital that is in line with human rights, the international standards on the right to health care, and the principles of WHO of the United Nations.

The visiting team consisted of Dr Ali bin Abdullah Al Kalbani, the Secretary General, as well as members Khalid Bin Yahya Al Farei, Labibah bint Mohammed Al Mawaliah, Yasser Bin Said Al Dhahli, Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al Wahaibi and a number of OHRC employees.

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