Superior design, superior functionality

Lifestyle Wednesday 28/September/2016 19:13 PM
By: Times News Service
Superior design, superior functionality

Incorporating style and sophistication is becoming a standard in today’s modern homes. As the centre of activity and entertaining, the kitchen is the room to truly “wow” guests with elevated design choices that don’t compromise the space’s necessary functionality. From countertops to fixtures, a modern kitchen is designed with the home chef in mind and should seamlessly integrate purpose and style.
Beyond granite
Long considered the hallmark of a luxury kitchen, granite has been widely chosen for its aesthetic appeal and rugged durability; however, homeowners looking to break from the standard have a range of alternate materials from which to choose. Crisp marbles infuse a room with a clean, stately charm while having the benefit of being cool to the touch, perfect for the home baker. On the warmer end of the spectrum, butcher block countertops bring in a more relaxed vibe and will withstand rigorous use by the serious home chef. For something a bit out of the norm, soapstone and concrete are dependable surfaces that will patina over time.
On display
Open shelving in the kitchen ensures the most used items are within reach while simultaneously delivering an airy feel. Customised to fit any space, these shelves effortlessly draw the eye to perfectly-organised dishes, cookware or dry goods. Complemented by a sophisticated backsplash, unique shelving materials such as galvanised iron or reclaimed wood can transform the kitchen into an industrially-inspired space, while floating shelves in white oak or black walnut provide a more contemporary note.
Technology that simplifies
From appliances to faucets, kitchen tools are becoming increasingly high-tech. Intuitive applications that anticipate needs and increase functionality without sacrificing design are must-haves in the modern kitchen. The single-handle kitchen faucet with SmartTouch Technology combines a jointed arm that allows the spray wand to be positioned virtually anywhere around the sink with the brand’s signature touch technology, allowing water activation with just a simple tap anywhere on the faucet base, handle or arm for maximum flexibility and functionality.
Sophisticated storage
As kitchens become the de facto entertaining environment in the modern home, it is increasingly important to incorporate elements to keep clutter at bay. Thoughtful storage solutions are critical to both the visual style and utilitarian design in the home chef’s kitchen. Maximising spaces in key work areas for items like spices, knives, and even small appliances, improves efficiency while minimising countertop clutter.