Play Tennis in Muscat

T-Mag Wednesday 28/September/2016 18:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Play Tennis in Muscat

Tennis is a power game that only helps you to maintain fitness and stay in shape, but also helps you stay focused.

theory postulates that the “game of kings”, tennis, has Arab roots, with the name derived from the city of Tinnis in Egypt, and the word “racquet” an alteration of “rahat” (Arabic for the palm of the hand). There is more evidence to support the idea that the game more originated in a French monastery, and as the monks taught the royalty how to play, it evolved to include a racquet. The modern form of the game came with the invention of vulcanised rubber by Charles Goodyear in 1850, and in 1877, the first Wimbledon tournament was held on a rectangular court using the same set of rules that are used today.

The gruelling sport requires both physical and mental stamina. Two individuals or a pair of players, volley a rubber ball back and forth, with points awarded to the team whose serve cannot be returned. It is a highly competitive professional sport, but it is also a beloved leisure activity. Though finding an affordable way to partake in regular lessons is often the first hurdle in making tennis part of one’s fitness regime.

Here in Oman there has been a considerable rise in interest in tennis, with instructors, courts, and coaches now available throughout the capital city.

Pro Tennis Oman is one such place where you can learn the finer nuances of the game as well as work on health, fitness, and wellbeing.

“Since 2009 Pro Tennis Oman has offered several programmes with a large variety of activities. Our goal is to help children (and adults) enjoy tennis in a fun, safe, and challenging environment in order to reach their full potential on and off court. A comprehensive evaluation of the skill is conducted for each student and based on that evaluation a coaching plan is organised,” said Diana Maria, coordinator and general manager at Pro Tennis.

“Our programme starts with indoor activity for children from the age of 3-5 that enables them to learn the basics and how to enjoy the game through a series of fun activities. For children between 5-12, the focus is more on to train them to get right into the action,” Diana explained. And for those who have their own private tennis courts, professional coaches can make house calls. “Some of the players training with us work very hard to become top players. They train at least two hours per day along with their regular fitness regime to compete at international level.”

You don’t have to be going pro to reap the benefits of this engaging sport. Anyone will find that a few rounds of tennis per week will improve cardiovascular health and concentration off the court, a fitness win-win. [email protected]

Pro Tennis Oman
Contact Diana Maria , General Manager
Email: [email protected]
Call: +968 9760 8960
Courses (according to age)
Tiny Tots (3-5 years)
Mini Tennis (5-10 years)
Juniors ( 10-16 years)
Adult Training, Ladies Morning, Cardio Tennis & Social Tennis ( All group activities cost OMR 6 per session and classes are held 2 or 3 times per week).

• Sultan Qaboos University
• International School of Choueifat
• Golden Tulip Seeb Hotel
• Al Maha Recreation Centre
• Sogex Complex