There’s lots to do in Boston

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By: Times News Service
There’s lots to do in Boston

I thought I was an expat, but in reality I am an immigrant or to be more precise a financial migrant. When I arrived in the Middle East just over a decade ago I landed in Dubai with just a solitary suitcase, hoping for a better life and of course better money. So when I checked in at the Business Class counter of Qatar Airways at Muscat International Airport with just one suitcase, I got an incredulous look. Not because I have few possessions , you must realise but because I like to travel light these days and the 40kg allowance is quite generous. Thus began what was to become an emotional journey although I didn’t know it at the time.
Boarding my Qatar Airways flight I was greeted by a lovely smiling Chinese stewardess called Liu, who as I came to discover was also a financial migrant. Her heart rendering story of coming alone to the sands of Arabia with just a suitcase, in order to provide support to her entire family back in China struck home. By the way every airline should serve berry smoothies as a breakfast drink, bravo QTR!
Logan Airport was named after Edward Lawrence Logan whose parents arrived by boat from Galway in Ireland looking to escape the poverty that gripped Ireland at that time. Now Logan International I have to say is my favourite airport in the world, seriously. It is not the shiniest airport with the greatest facilities or superb duty free, no it is the best airport in the world because you can walk down off the aircraft jetty literally into the lobby of your hotel. I loved it. Modern airports are invariably stuck an hour or two’s drive outside the city but Logan is located in downtown Boston, yes you heard me correctly, right in the heart of the city. I suggest the Ritz Carlton purchase some aircraft steps, as we could have just parked the plane at the welcome mat, it was really that close.
Everywhere you go in Boston you are reminded of the immigrant nature of this city which in particular has that heavy Irish influence with many fleeing the Emerald Isle during the potato famine of the mid 1800’s . A bronze statue in the centre of the city is a stark reminder to this past and they too arrived with just a solitary suitcase and a sack full of hope.
I was hosted by the Four Seasons for a superb seafood spread (if you don’t like seafood don’t go to Boston) in which to my shock the regional vice-president hailed not only from my home town of Newcastle but from the same neighbourhood as well. He too was, yes you guessed it a migrant.
Leonard Nimoy, Mr Spock from Star Trek fame was born in Boston and once said the following: “My folks came to the US as immigrants, aliens, and became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen, went to Hollywood and became an alien.” Profound words from the Vulcan.
The oldest restaurant in America The Union Oyster House is a must eat experience, it is like having dinner in a museum. US President, Barack Obama (son of a Kenyan immigrant) dined here recently. The US Secret Service locked everyone in during his meal, I wonder if the huge live lobsters who were moping around in their tank were checked for any possible threat.
I must admit I have a confession to make. You see I mistakenly visited the Wrentham Village factory outlet stores and it really is dangerously well priced. I have never sat on a suitcase in my life in order to close it, yes girls , I know some of you do, but on this occasion I am ashamed to admit that when packing for home I actually did.
In contrast to all those before me who made the journey to Beantown with no money and one case, this economic migrant went to Boston with lots of money but instead left penniless and with two suitcases.
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As of 2016 Qatar Airways Now Flies Direct to Boston

Muscat, Oman (MCT) to Boston, USA (BOS) via Doha, 17h 45m

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