Electronic work visas soon in Oman
August 25, 2019 | 10:50 AM
by Times News Service
Representative image

Muscat: Soon employers can obtain work visas electronically, the Royal Oman Police announced.

According to ROP, the system seeks to save the time and effort of the police employees as well as the clients time as they can complete the procedures electronically without having to go for a review to the General Administration of Passports and Residence office.

The Royal Oman Police announced that "in order to facilitate the processing and speed of transaction and to create a stimulating environment for the business sector within police competence, ROP is in the process of providing the service of issuing work visas to commercial establishments electronically as a first stage."

"Commercial establishments and companies, to benefit from the service, can visit the visa website to learn about the mechanism and procedures," ROP added.

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