Daleel 1010 making inroads in Oman’s on-demand product delivery service
August 22, 2019 | 1:56 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: Daleel 1010, Oman’s popular online food delivery app, has established its footprints in five major cities in the country and is fast making inroads into the growing on-demand product delivery service, with facilities ranging from groceries to maintenance and repair.

Designed to enhance ease and convenience of shopping, the easy-to-navigate app has branched from food delivery to the home service department, catering to patrons in Muscat, Sur, Sohar, Nizwa and Salalah.

The food delivery app, which was launched last November, had found a ready niche among busy office-goers and housewives seeking respite from the drudgery of cooking and shopping for everyday needs.

Now with its recent venture into home service segment, Daleel 1010, a joint initiative from Infoline and Omantel, has consolidated its position in the fast growing digital marketing horizon, earning a positive feedback from happy customers relying on its myriad service portfolio.

Commenting on the new developments in the Daleel fold, Mohamed Al Maskari, CEO, Infoline, said: “As a pioneer in the field of outsourcing in Oman, we have found the right blend of technology and customer service through Daleel 1010. Its staggering growth from food delivery to on-demand product delivery service is a testament of its success in the fast-growing app-based service sector.

Customers today are tech-savvy and are constantly seeking to enhance their online engagements through apps that match their requirements. Daleel 1010 is the bridge that connects people with reliable professionals in the home service department.

It is set to become the game-changer with its highly professional team of service providers and operators.”

Daleel’s vibrant and versatile platform is ideal for people who are hard-pressed for time and resources to sift through the network of service professionals located in different parts of the country. With a proven track record of service and support, it has bridged the gap between customers and product/service providers, bringing everyday requirements - be it grocery shopping or cleaning, repair and maintenance - under its service denomination.

While customers have to simply install the app to avail the host of services packed into it, professionals wanting to reach out to customers need only register with Daleel 1010.

Attributing the app’s early success to the innovative business approach employed to understand the needs of customers in different parts of the country as well as its firm human resource development strategy, Gurpreet Singh Ahuja, Country Head – Strategic Initiatives of Daleel 1010, pointed out that Daleel’s focus of business is as much on creating employment opportunities for local youth as it is on growing their footprints in the country.

He said: “Our success stems from our concerted endeavours to go beyond the traditional confines of Muscat while driving our human resource development under a viable self-employment scheme. Our creation of vibrant digital platforms has translated into self-employment opportunities for local youth, who seek flexible timings in rewarding work Environments.

“Having realised the needs of residents in different parts of the country, we have followed a structured approach to our operations, moving from food delivery to on-demand product delivery from local stores and home services in Muscat and beyond.

We have tapped the market to identify customer requirements and supplemented it with the creation of a large pool of professionals from the service industry, thereby engaging customers and providers in a proactive digital ambit. We are constantly creating newer benchmarks of comfort and convenience for our patrons, who have found in Daleel a ready partner for their everyday home needs,” he added.

With the spotlight on ease and convenience, Daleel 1010, which has become a favourite app of diners in a very short period, has crafted its operations to provide novel experiences that beg to be replicated. While the food delivery service opened up an interactive platform for customers with its eye-pleasing portfolio of offers and deals, its further ventures into the world of home services, including grocery delivery, has fortified its presence in the country, with operations now in five major cities - Muscat, Sur, Suhar, Nizwa and Salalah.

Reiterating Daleel’s customer centric operations, Gurpreet maintained that the focus now is on augmenting the service structure with experiential marketing.

“We have our fingers on the pulse of the service industry in the country and we have studies to back our every move in the market. The success of our food ordering platform has spurred us on to go beyond the expectations of our customers with newer paradigms of satisfaction.

Our happy, repeat customers are proof enough of our growing successes,” he added. The introduction of ondemand delivery of products from local stores has diversified Daleel’s delivery services, making it the top service app in the country. It has helped shape the consumption patterns in the country, providing opportunities and options for customers to experience ease, convenience and comfort.

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