New executive list lays down regulations for children’s nurseries
August 18, 2019 | 2:09 PM
by Times News Service
Image credits: Twitter.

Muscat: A new executive list released by the Ministry of Social Development — which is an add-on to the existing Child Protection Law — lays down new regulations for children's nurseries.

According the the new regulations, before a nursery is founded, the founder must be able to give the ministry of Social Development information about the activities that the children will be able to participate in at the nursery, as well a detailed plan for the nursery’s fees.

According to the executive list, the requirements for nurseries apply to both nurseries for all children or nurseries maintained by an expat population in order to take care for children from that country.

Article 26 of the list includes requirements for where nurseries can be established, including: “Being in a quiet place, close to residential areas, in a healthy environment and away from the dangers of pollution, to be far from industrial and mechanical institutions and high pressure wires and flammable warehouses or any health hazards, to not be at a low area or one where floods or landslides can occur, to have safe roads leading to it but to not be directly next to the public highway.”

The nurseries are not only for letting children wait for their parents to come home, but are meant to nurture them, protect them, give help and advice between families for them to help children grow to become healthy, and to “prepare children physically, psychologically, and morally in a way that is aligned with society’s goals and values,” according to the executive list.

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