Best Hummus and Salads at Semsom Restaurant in Muscat

T-Mag Wednesday 21/September/2016 21:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Best Hummus and Salads at Semsom Restaurant in Muscat

The new menu at Semsom adds to the creative Lebanese restaurant’s already commendable lineup of salads and fresh mezze, and in a city where finding a good, fresh salad or a light meal out is something of a challenge, Semsom is an oasis of Mediterranean goodness in the form of fresh ground chickpeas, generous pours of olive oil, delicate leaves of purslane, and hearty shreds of mint. The new fall menu has expanded their salad offerings even more and added new varieties of specialty hummus as well. For someone like me, who craves raw vegetables, fresh herbs, anything-garlic, and subtle, yet flavourful seasonings, the food at Semsom speaks to me in a way not many of the restaurant offerings in Oman do. So, as the weather grows cooler and my desire to go out grows with it, you’ll find me passing my evenings on the breezy Semsom terrace or in their funky dining room. [email protected]

Freekeh Salad
While not new, Semsom’s delicious combination of parsley, tender cracked wheat, and fresh veggies topped with pomegranate seeds make this salad a menu staple. OMR 2.600

Artichoke Salad
Artichoke hearts topped with a tangy mixture of cherry tomato, olive slices, cucumber and olive oil. OMR 2.500

Purslane and Lentil Salad
A perfect balance of lentils, beet root, and peppery purslane. OMR 2.200

Beirut Pesto Hummus
Chickpeas mashed with parsley and pine nut pesto. OMR 2.200

Muscat Avocado Hummus
Creamy avocado is added to this luscious hummus. OMR 2.200

Jeddah Provincial Hummus
This mash is spiked with fresh parsley, herbs, cilantro and garlic. OMR 2.100

Kuwait Nuts Hummus
A nutty take on this traditional dip accented with stir-fried, crushed cashewnuts OMR 2.200

Eat at Semsom
1st Floor, Muscat Grand Mall, Ghubra
+968 2439 8718