5 Best Social Media Apps 2016

T-Mag Wednesday 21/September/2016 20:10 PM
By: Times News Service
5 Best Social Media Apps 2016

1. Dubsmash
This is major hit, lip-syncing-slash-video selfie app lets you create funny videos and share them with your friends. The playful, sometimes hilarious, app is a global hit and currently trending all over the world.

2. Snapchat
A fun app that lets you record video, chat, and share snaps that only last for 24-hours, has become the most sought-after social media app out there. Even celebrities and companies are using it to promote their brand images and to connect directly to fans.

3. Musical.ly
Musical.ly is a video sharing community popular for its 15-second music clips, where you can shoot yourself lip-syncing or dancing to it. This app is relatively new to the social media scene, but it sure is one of the best as it is a dubsmash-like app for hardcore music lovers.

4. Candid
This is an interesting app for those who enjoy speaking their mind freely on social media and wish to avoid scrutiny and criticism; the app lets you post anonymously, as well as offering a chatting space. It’s a fun teen-targeted app that isn’t a bad idea to try.

5. Pinterest
Instagram might be leading the photo-sharing app pack, but Pinterest has its own thing going on. It’s an inspiration wonderland where you can find almost any photograph, built by community members into collections. From recipes to home decor ideas to art collections and colour play, a few clicks and it’s easy to see why this is one of the most addictive apps out right now.