Municipalities in Oman keep roads safe from slaughter waste
August 13, 2019 | 1:53 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Supplied

Muscat: Municipalities across Oman are working hard to keep slaughter waste off the roads and walkways and to transport then to proper disposal areas.

Eid al Adha sees a surge in the number of people slaughtering lambs, goats and cattle, both for festival foods and to give away meat for the needy. But many people dispose the waste along the sides of the roads.

A statement from the Directorate General of Municipalities in Al Dakhiliya read, "Bidbid Municipality continues its work to remove slaughter waste from the sides of main roads and side roads in the Wilayat."

In South Al Batinah, the muncipality has said that the waste has led to the appearance of "objects that disfigure the sights at Al Sawadi Beach."

The same occured in North Al Batinah, where the muncipality in Al Khaburah "continued its work to remove slaughter waste from the sides of the roads for the second day of Eid."

People have been warned beforehand of throwing waste randomly, and they have also been encouraged to use muncipal slaughterhouses, which are more sanitary and can dispose the waste better than any individual.

A statement by the Ministry of Regional Municipalitites and Water Resources read: "Electronic billing at municipal slaughterhouses and the medical checks for cattle by a veterinarian can ensure healthy meat reaching consumers."

Oman's Environmental Services Holding Company (b'eah) has warned that disposing of waste in random locations is harmful.

A statement by be'ah read: "Improper slaughter waste disposal causes harmful effects on environment and public health."

"Make sure you dispose slaughter waste properly," the statement added, explaining that the harmful effects include Haemorrhagic fevers that are transferred either through tick bites or through humans with wounds touching the waste of genrated from the slaughter of sick animals."

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