Avoid street vendors if in Britain: Omanis advised

Business Sunday 18/September/2016 21:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Avoid street vendors if in Britain: Omanis advised

Muscat: Omani citizens in the United Kingdom have been urged to avoid street vendors, after the Omani cultural attaché issued an alert on Sunday.
The Omani Cultural Attaché in Britain warned citizens not to purchase items from street vendors, as they might cause them harm.
“If anybody stops you and asks if you are interested in some perfume, then gives you a paper to smell in the streets or local shops, please don’t, unless it’s in the big stores. It’s a new scam, as the paper might be laced with drugs and they can then kidnap or rob you,” the Omani Cultural Attaché said, quoting Metropolitan Police.
The Metropolitan Police also asked the public not to underestimate the importance of this problem, and also to pass a note along to family and friends.
“Take a note and alert everyone you want to protect,” the police said.
The UK is one of the most popular destinations for Omani tourists. It is also a famed destination for young Omanis, who go in very large numbers to study.