Visit Dhofar’s beautiful and enchanting waterfalls
August 8, 2019 | 8:08 AM
by Sheikha Al Maqhusi
Athom waterfall. Photo by Anas Al Dheeb

Muscat: Nine days of vacation start tomorrow and of course many of you plan to use this as an opportunity to visit Dhofar and enjoy the Khareef season with family or friends. Don’t forget to visit these flowing waterfalls and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere.

Wadi Darbat waterfall

Wadi Darbat waterfall is seasonal and falls from a height of 100 metres, toward one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dhofar Governorate, Wadi Darbat.

Darbat is located in the northeastern part of the wilayah of Taqah. Wadi Darbat is well connected to the historical area of Samahram. It is located about 42km from Salalah.

Wadi Darbat waterfall. Photo by Anas Al Dheeb

Ayn Khor waterfall

Dhofar’s Ayn Khor waterfall has witnessed a heavy flow of water this Khareef, making it one of the most interesting waterfalls to visit.

Ayn Khor is located in Raysut, in the wilayah of Salalah, about 500 metres from the main road. The source of the crystal clear water is located in Wadi Jardum, around 20 km from Salalah. Ayn Khor attracts hundreds of tourists annually.

Ayn Khor. Photo by Anas Al Dheeb

Athom waterfall

Athom waterfall, which is 15 metres in hight, is located at the top of Wadi Khushaim in the east of the city of Salalah. It is accessible via the road leading to Taqah.

The Ministry of Tourism has worked to improve the site of the waterfall so to make it easier for tourists to access.

Gogob waterfall

The source of this waterfall is Ayn Khyout in the wilayah of Salalah, characterised by the flow of water from different places within the same area, before it falls from the top of the mountain, collecting in pools below, providing visitors with a natural, beautiful view.

Wadi Khyout is roughly 30 km from Salalah and easy to access, however getting to the main stream and waterfalls is difficult, as you have to walk some 900 metres to reach the site of the waterfalls.

Gogob waterfall. Photo by Anas Al Dheeb

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