Working to make the workplace in Oman safer

Oman Monday 05/September/2016 21:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Working to make the workplace in Oman safer

Muscat: Occupational diseases are a hazard for employees and can damage the reputation of the workplace, but the Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of Majan Health Services (MHS) Dr. Aisha Ali is striving to give the new generation a healthy work environment.
The oil and gas and construction sectors are among the most prone to occupational diseases, where one can develop physical and mental diseases due to harsh working conditions and heavy lifting. MHS specialises in the analysis, treatment and prevention of occupational diseases or illnesses.
“We are trying to provide the new generation of Oman with a safe environment. We are talking about providing them with a healthy environment to work in,” said Ali.
Lower back pain, respiratory difficulties and chronic diseases are some of the most common issues the doctors face. Ali said lower back pain is the most common ailment under occupational diseases.
“It (lower back pain) is the most common disease in Oman, yet it is not diagnosed properly. Maybe it isn’t related to the job, but to your lifestyle.”
She further said patients have to go through a certain criteria to determine whether a disease is in fact being caused by the workplace.
“We have to look at the history of the patient and check where he works. If the patient goes to another doctor, he will not know what the cause of the disease is,” explained Ali. “The doctor would just prescribe medication, but won’t determine the root of the problem,” she added.
Ali further pointed out that her specialisation requires a different strategy, such as determining the nature of the workplace, speaking to the management and launching a personal investigation.
“We have different strategies, so we have to understand where you work and what hazards might come from it, as well as any other issues. We have to do a workplace assessment so there are guidelines that we follow to find out what the problems are and launch an investigation.”
“We would also talk to the higher management, which is dealing with the staff and recruitment and would have to audit the workplace and conduct inspections.”
MHS, which is operating in Knowledge Village, is not a walk-in clinic, but the doctors operate from there and visit the sites when needed. Ali said they are planning to place units at several sites where they can diagnose and provide treatment to both Omani and expatriate workers more efficiently.