Boy in Oman swallows 50 baisa coin, makes father ‘poorer’ by OMR150

Energy Tuesday 30/August/2016 21:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Boy in Oman swallows 50 baisa coin, makes father ‘poorer’ by OMR150

MUSCAT: Could a 50 baisa coin cost OMR150 and give you 10 stressful days? For Sachin Sunder More, an Indian expatriate living in Oman, the answer is yes.
More had to shell out OMR150 to take out a 50 baisa coin his six-year-old son had swallowed on August 18 and spent 10 stressful days worrying as the coin remained stuck in his stomach.
“While watching television, Adharv (More’s son) accidentally swallowed the coin. He informed his mother and she telephoned me as I was in office. I went home and we rushed him to a hospital. He was not feeling uncomfortable. However, we were worried. So, medics told us to wait. However, after a few days, as the coin was not moving or being expelled normally from stomach, we were advised to approach another hospital,” More told the Times of Oman.
“I took him to the Badr Al Samaa hospital in Ruwi. The medics advised me that it has to be removed as it was not moving. So, they preferred to remove it endoscopically. They did it successfully. It was only a 15 minute-long procedure,” More added.
K O Devassy, a senior official at the Badr Al Samaa hospital group, said, “Usually in such cases, surgery is required. However, our medics tried endoscopy and it worked.”
Jayakumar, chief gastroenterologist at the hospital, who led the procedure, said the coin had to be removed as it had gotten stuck in the stomach, partially obstructing the gastric outlet.
“We are happy that Adharv has started going to school. We will keep the coin safe as a collector’s item,” More added.