Airport day for children a soaraway success in Oman

Oman Friday 26/August/2016 20:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Airport day for children a soaraway success in Oman

Muscat: Several Omani children got the chance to experience the work environment at an airport and how it functions, along with being taught advanced material, which would help them excel in the future.
The Oman Airport Management Company’s (OAMC’s) initiative called ‘Awladna’ (Our Children) hosted employees’ children, which gave them the opportunity to experience the work environment of their parents and relatives.
OAMC’s initiative is part of its efforts to become one of the top 20 airports in the world by 2020.
Important topics, such as Engineering for Kids and Fire Warden, were presented to the children during the programme to teach them about the basics of these subjects.
Engineering skills
Engineering for Kids saw the children learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), which inspired some of the children to become engineers in the future.
The session allowed children to build rockets, roller coasters and robots, as well as explain how they will work.
Hawra Al Lawati, a parent said, “You don’t get this kind of education at summer schools. It’s more advanced and allows our children to think and focus on what they
are doing.”
“For example, my daughters drew a picture of a robot and explained how it would work. It was also fun for me as a parent to see my children’s faces light up when they saw my workplace.”
Cockpit tour
The children came face to face with aircraft and went into one of the Oman Air planes to learn about the seat structures and cabin devices, as well as enter the cockpit.
“It is very useful for our children to learn about their parents’ jobs and this experience will make them more confident if they have to travel alone,” said Saud Al Qasabi, one of the parents at the event.
A visit to the fire stations educated the children about the functions of a fire truck and the role of firemen at the airport.
Other sessions included life skills and talents they could use in their everyday life, such as learning a new language where they were taught to speak German, and understanding etiquette and table manners. “Such sessions are essential to help the children explore and develop their skills,” said OAMC.
Great impression
“The tour left a great impression on the children as some shared their thoughts on becoming pilots, aircraft engineers, firemen and fire wardens in the future,” added OAMC. Al Lawati said, “One of my daughters was always interested in the aviation industry and wanted to become a pilot. After this tour she said she wants to be an engineer.”
Sauda Al Nabhani’s children were also positively impacted by the tour as it motivated them to take on a new day and see what it offers. “Both my children were motivated to wake up early every day because they are excited to explore a new day with new activities,” said Al Nabhani.