Al Habsi announces departure from Saudi club Al Hilal
July 17, 2019 | 9:55 PM
by Times News Service
Ali Al Habsi. Photo: Ali Al Habsi/ Twitter

Muscat: Ali Al Habsi, Oman's most famous footballer, announced that he has left Al Hilal Football Club in a farewell video posted on a teammate's social media account.

The goalkeeper appeared in a video with left-winger for Al Hilal, Mohammed Al Shalhoub, and talked about how much the opportunity to play with the team meant to him.

"I am very, very, very happy that these two years I had with Al Hilal were with you, my brothers, and with the wonderful fans who made me happy. These will be treasured memories in my heart for many years to come,” Al Habsi said.

In the video, Al Shalhoub said: "As for me, I will become a fan of yours starting from today."

Al Habsi described the feeling of leaving the club as bittersweet with the loss of teammates he grew close to, but also recalled fondly the many great times spent with Al Hilal.

"Today I can describe my feeling as mixed," he added. "There is sadness in my heart for leaving people who I regard as brothers such as yourself."

Al Habsi thanked his former teammates, as well as the administrators of Al Hilal and fans who supported him throughout his journey.

"I will remain a follower, a supporter, and a person who holds you dearly," he concluded.

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