Over 75% hotel occupancy at Salalah Tourism Festival
July 16, 2019 | 9:09 PM
by Times TV

Hotels in the Dhofar Governorate have witnessed a huge increase, of up to 75 per cent, in their occupancy levels this Khareef season.

Khareef season is considered the best summer tourism season in the entire region due to the largely pleasant weather in the Dhofar governorate.

Director General of Tourism in the Dhofar Governorate said that 35 hotel establishments with 4,179 rooms are ready to receive tourists during the season.

"Keeping in mind the popularity of the Khareef season and the increasing occupancy level, these hotel establishments were renovated during the recent months. New facilities were added and some of them were repaired, refurbished and decorated to match the quality standards of tourism facilities and hotel services.” - Marhoon Bin Saeed Al Ameri, Director General of Tourism, Dhofar Governorate

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