Salalah Tourism Festival 2019 to kick off tomorrow
July 10, 2019 | 8:37 PM
by Times News Service
The Salalah Tourism Festival attracts families from across the Sultanate and the GCC.

Salalah: The Salalah Tourism Festival 2019 will begin tomorrow, running for a total of 43 days, until August 22.

The festival organising committee has completed all preparations for the commencement of the various events and activities, with the Municipality’s Recreational Centre also ready to host this year’s festival.

Salalah Tourism Festival 2019 includes a number of activities and events across a variety of different religious, economic, heritage, social, cultural, sports, entertainment and artistic fields.

Most of the activities are being held at the Municipal Recreational Centre, while events such as the Balloon Carnival in Sahalnout Plain and Samahram Tourist Village will be held outdoor. The Atin Land Park Friends of the Municipality camp will be located on Atin Plain, and family activities will also be taking place at Taqa and Mirbat.

The festival helps contribute to the promotion of tourism during the Salalah Tourist Season, which attracts families from across the Sultanate and the GCC. Public and private institutions have prepared for a successful tourist season this year, welcoming visitors to Dhofar and ensuring that facilities and services meet the needs of those visiting the governorate.

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