Charity drive from Oman for Indian shelter

Energy Sunday 21/August/2016 10:58 AM
By: Times News Service
Charity drive from Oman for Indian shelter

Muscat: A group of Indians in Muscat have shipped over 300kg of clothes to a charity home in the south Indian state of Kerala.
“As they are orphaned and moreover as they are mentally-challenged, they struggle a lot. We visited them while we went on annual leave a few months back. It was quite heartbreaking to see them struggling. So we thought of helping them as much we can,” Saraswathy Manoj, an Indian social worker in Muscat, said.
Saraswathy and her friends operate through a Whatsapp group named WeHelp to help to people struggling in Oman and India.
“We spread the message after reaching Oman. Our group members were quite cooperative. We collected dresses from different parts of Oman. It was packed in Muscat for shipping,” Kabeer CV, another member of WeHelp, said.
“The charity house is struggling to meet the daily needs of sheltered people. So, our help would be a blessing for them,” Kabeer added.
“It is a mix of used and new dress. The dresses are meant for people aged between 18 and 90 years old,” Kabeer added.
Two weeks ago, WeHelp had shipped 107kg of dress for children sheltered in a charity home suffering from different ailments.
WeHelp does a lot of charity work in Oman too. They support people who are hospitalized and also workers who are stranded.
“Helping others as much we can is our motto. Sometimes, even letting the stranded know there is somebody in town to help them is also a big relief for them,” Asha Rayner, another WeHelp member, added.
The group also runs a blood donation Whatsapp group named WeHelpBloodDonor in Oman where more than 200 people are donors.
“We donate blood regulalry and the government hospital authorities encourage and support us a lot,” Joshy Purushothaman, another WeHelp member, added.