Electronic voting system to be used for the first time in Shura elections
July 8, 2019 | 11:07 AM
by Times News Service
Photo: Supplied

Muscat: For the first time in the Sultanate, an electronic voting system will be used for elections to the Shura.

The system, called 'Sawtak', translates to 'your voice' and consists of a touch screen, in which the procedures and steps of the election are explained so that the voter can easily choose the candidate. The design of the system is suited to various categories of voters, including the elderly and disabled people, the Ministry of Interior said.

A statement online said, "In light of the Ministry of Interior's keenness to use the latest modern technology in the electoral process, which makes it easier for voters to cast their votes, the elections of this period will witness electronic voting at all polling stations for the first time."

The Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Chairman of the Main Committee of the Shura Council Elections for the ninth term, signed a contract with the Industrial Management and Contracting Technology Company (AMTAC)to design, supply and install the electronic voting system for the ninth period elections.

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