Buy Omani Men Sandals

T-Mag Thursday 18/August/2016 17:20 PM
By: Times News Service
Buy Omani Men Sandals

Men’s sandals have been creeping into the fashion industry over the last few years, and this year with simple, funky slippers and more daring high-knee gladiators appearing in fashion magazines and runways, statement “mandals” are undeniably trending. But anyone, fashion-follower or not, who lives here in Oman has no doubt garnered some curiosity about the traditional sandals worn by men here in the Gulf. Perhaps one of the most important style elements of an Omani man’s wardrobe are his shoes — modernised versions of traditional sandals, which are crafted with the finest leathers and embellishments. Here we rounded-up six super-cool modern Khaleeji mandals to rock with your Dishdashas or your favourite shorts. [email protected]

1. Built to Perfection
Perhaps you’re an advocate for individuality? 7Bros offers awesome, Italian-made, complex leather sandals with distinctive textures, cut, sewn for an elegant look, and feel. This pair is light in weight, but high in personality. These premium, flat-based sandals are available in black, white, beige, or my personal favourite, olive. 7Bros, OMR45

2. Smooth Operator
These Dr Mauch sandals blend both comfort and fashionable elements together for a contemporary sandal of luxurious calf leather, simply perfect for those who prefer lighter sandals. The colour palette used is just brilliant as they go well with almost anything. Dr Mauch at Shoe Palace, OMR26

3. Feel the Luxe
Own these Omani-style sandals developed by our very own 7Bros and the Italian deluxe shoe brand Almini. These therapeutic water and soil resistant pairs feature great quality and comfort, a strong base, and are quite stylish in black, black with blue, or black with maroon. As an added touch that perfectly sums up the shoe’s durability and high-styling, these sandals feature a genuine carbon fibre top – magnifique. Almini at 7Bros, OMR75

4. Walk Like a Prince
This Saudi-inspired style screams ‘royalty’, from its superb combination texture made of leather, to its soft and comfy therapeutic bottom, to its majestic white colour. Those who prefer their sandals flexible with the upper side of feet covered, will love this pair. Almini at 7Bros, OMR75

5. Wear It Emirati-Style
Some of you like it high-soled. Why not? It’s trendy, comfy, and gives a somewhat royal vibe. These Emirati-style therapeutic German-made sandals offer great massaging technology for the feet. Plus they are made of calf leather with a glossy finish in either black with maroon, black with blue, or black with beige. Dr Mauch at Shoe Palace, OMR48

6. Look Artsy, Feel Artsy
These head-turners sport a unique and slightly shiny chrome-like top adorned with a trim of contemporary design that is laser-printed on the sandal. The shoes are light, with a leather sole and are available in black with brown or black with silver. 7Bros, OMR50

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