Oman Health: Website offers 40 health-friendly dishes to fight diabetes

Oman Thursday 18/August/2016 13:20 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Health: Website offers 40 health-friendly dishes to fight diabetes

Muscat: A regional website is now offering a selection of 40 health-friendly recipes for the summer.

The health campaign was launched by Beat Diabetes, the community-focused initiative by Landmark Group.

The group has partnered with Dubai’s food enthusiasts - Nadia Parekh, founder of home-based catering company Mélange, as well as Nabih and Ghalia, home chefs and founders of Nabz&G to create the recipes which are free-to-download on

Nisha Jagtiani, Director, Landmark Group said: “Our Beat Diabetes programme is focussed on motivating the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through our year-round initiatives, we encourage individuals to take three simple steps – Eat Healthy, Get Active and Take a Yearly Medical Test.


“These healthy recipes are part of our various ongoing efforts to reach out to the community with healthy alternatives. We believe that by creating interesting and adoptable programs that can be weaved into the daily lives of people with ease and simplicity, we can help them embrace a better lifestyle.”

Through the cookbook the Beat Diabetes initiative aims to provide a selection of dishes for families to cook this summer.

The cookbook offers tips to recreate well-loved regional and international recipes prepared using nutritious ingredients and alternatives.


The recipes range from traditional Middle Eastern treats such as Mahashi Khodra and Tabat Tamir repurposed in a contemporary style by culinary duo and raw food proponents Nabih and Ghalia of Nabz&G to international delicacies such as Fish en Papillote and Vegan Quinoa Chili created by Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef Nadia Parekh of Mélange Dubai.

The chefs have creatively infused superfoods with familiar, comforting ingredients to offer a tasty surprise to foodies looking for nutritious, occasion-appropriate fare, using easy to recreate techniques.

By the year 2050, there will be 350,000 individuals in Oman living with type 2 diabetes, new research has predicted. A study recently reported in the Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal examined two decades of diabetes research across the Sultanate.

Their analysis revealed that while currently Oman has an estimated 80–90,000 type 2 diabetics, at the current growth rate, this will increase by 174% in 35 years’ time. “The Government should expect to cater for lots and lots of people with diabetes, 350,000, by the year 2050.