Meet Sony Libin, the passionate painter in Oman

Lifestyle Tuesday 16/August/2016 18:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Meet Sony Libin, the passionate painter in Oman

Why do you love painting?
It gives immense pleasure when you realise that your fingers can turn a blank canvas into an admirable piece of art and that’s what keeps me going.

How did you get into it?
Being an admirer of God’s creations and a nature lover myself, I’d been searching for ways to spend the time of life the way I wanted it to be. Brushes and colours got into my world as the pursuit of happiness.

How can one get into it?
Chase your dreams and they will lead your way. Learn the basics as in any other field of work and take the courage to experiment with colours on your own.

What’s your pro-tip on painting?
Always keep the windows of your soul open and let the breeze of nature come in, as it’s an everlasting inspiration to an artist.

Learn painting at
Al Ghubra: +968 2449 2287
Ruwi: +968 2478 8450
Al Hail: +968 9875 6206

Institute of Music & Arts
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+968 9824 7023

MuscArt’s weekly art workshops
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Creative Art Expressions
PDO every Thursday:
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