Oman's Bait Al Zubair taking part in Salalah Festival 2016

Oman Monday 15/August/2016 21:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman's Bait Al Zubair taking part in Salalah Festival 2016

Muscat: For the third consecutive year, the Bait Al Zubair art gallery is exhibiting at the Salalah Festival from yesterday.
The exhibition organised by the art gallery will be held at the Oman Hall in the Municipality Recreation Centre and will run until August 21 from 5pm to 11pm.
A selection of pieces curated from the unique Omani heritage collection, along with a panel exhibition about Bait Al Zubair are being exhibited.
In addition, a selection of pictures and panel texts that reflect the unique architectural heritage of Oman, especially in Dhofar
are also there.
They give the visitors an opportunity to learn about the cultural roots of the country. The exhibition is complemented by a selection of artefacts, where people can hold, feel and examine the historical items.
“The Architectural Traditions of Dhufar” exhibition will highlight the old houses of Salalah and other coastal towns of Dhofar, in particular Mirbat and Sadah, which represent a distinctive architecture within the traditions of Oman.
This selection is extracted from the book called “Oman’s Architectural Journey,” which takes the reader on a journey that represents an important milestone in the documentation of the heritage and culture of Oman, tracing the development of architecture through thousands of years, from ancient roots to times.
Fahad Al Hasni, exhibition and collection manager at Bait Al Zubair said: “Through our participation in the Salalah Festival, we aim to bridge the relationship between different generations and visitors and Omani history and the civilisational dimensions of this history. Also, we seek to enrich the Salalah Tourism Festival culturally through continuous participation, which adds a unique and different value to the festival.”
Al Hasni added: “We hope that through this exhibition people can interact with the iconic collection we have and be encouraged to come and visit to learn, encounter and feel part of Oman’s rich heritage and contemporary art.”
The Bait Al Zubair Foundation is the cultural and social arm of the Zubair Corporation. It is a cultural institution; its main aim is to support the cultural work in the country and the advancement of this vital sector through multi-cultural activities.
The Bait Al Zubair art gallery in Muscat is open to the public Saturday to Thursday from 9.30am to 6.00pm.