Water tanker price in Oman unchanged

Business Monday 25/January/2016 21:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Water tanker price in Oman unchanged

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Water price is fixed and has remained unchanged since it was approved years ago, Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) has said.
In a statement yesterday, PAEW said that the current approved price for the water tankers’ owner is 1 baiza per gallon for tankers less than 700 gallons and 3 baisas per gallon for water tankers more than 700 gallons.
The selling price for a 650 gallon water tanker is thus 650 baisas and for the 1,000 gallon tanker is OMR3. The statement follows the news circulated by the social network users about the increase of water prices after the recent increase in fuel prices.
PAEW said that it is not involved in fixing the water selling price by water tanker owners to house owners and consumers.
Despite the tough topography of the Sultanate, PAEW is making steady efforts to provide potable water to residents in the different parts of the Sultanate.
PAEW’s high quality transport and distribution network will cover 98 per cent of the residents of the Sultanate by the year 2040, the statement further said.