Safety guidelines for tourists visiting Salalah during Khareef
June 26, 2019 | 9:28 PM
by Times News Service
Photo by Adnan Dahesh

Muscat: Thousands of people visit Dhofar governorate during Khareef season to escape the summer heat. The Ministry of Tourism has issued few guidelines to help the tourists enjoy a convenient trip to Salalah during Khareef. The Ministry of Tourism said: “In order to make your visit to Oman a perfect and unforgettable experience, we ask you follow the following rules very closely.”

“Slow down while driving during Khareef season owing to heavy mist and animals crossing road trails. Use traffic lights during driving especially on hilly or rugged areas where there is more mist,” the Ministry said in the general guidelines.

Part of the guideline is for those visiting villages. The Ministry added: “When you visit any village, please protect the flora and fauna, stick to the specified trails at any tourist destination that you visit and don’t park or stop your vehicle in any place other than the designated parking.”

The Ministry also said: “Cruises deal only with tourist boats licensed to do so, as they are equipped with the safety equipments prescribed by the law. Make sure that your tour guide holds a valid license from the Ministry of tourism.”

For off road travel the Ministry advises tourists to use only 4WD vehicles and to make sure they have adequate water, food, fuel, and spare tyre.

Check your 4WD for proper functioning and inform a close friend of your destination and the expected date of return. The Ministry also warns tourists not to camp in the wadi beds owing to sudden flash floods.

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