US House of Reps. approves emergency funding for migrants at border
June 26, 2019 | 5:46 PM
by Agencies
Image credits: Twitter.

Washington: The US House of Representatives approved an emergency $4.5 billion in funds to care for migrants at the US-Mexico border.

The bill was passed by 230 votes to 195.

The legislation now faces an uphill battle in the Senate and a possible veto by the White House.

The bill allocates more than $1 billion to shelter and feed migrants detained by border patrol and almost $3 billion to provide care for the unaccompanied migrant children. It also aims to set up protocols for the care of children, mandate improved standards of care centres and provide translation services - provisions reportedly not in the Senate version.

The Senate bill, which seeks to allocate $4.59 billion dollars for the border humanitarian crisis, has significant differences with the House bill. It is not clear whether the two chambers will be able to reach an agreement.

The White House said on Monday it "strongly opposes" the House legislation.

The bill was passed following the resignation of Acting Commissioner for US Customs and Border Protection John Sanders, who assumed the post almost two months ago. It was announced that he would be stepping down effective July 5 following criticism of the agency's treatment of detained migrant children.

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