Dance to the Folk Tunes of Oman

Lifestyle Wednesday 10/August/2016 18:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Dance to the Folk Tunes of Oman

The Omani folk dance performances are a common sight in Muscat Festival venues and other cultural and social events in the capital. You will also get a glimpse of the Omani folk dance in Omani wedding celebrations. The songs and movements differ from region to region. According to the official information at the Ministry of Information, in the Sharqiyah region, people sing mainly three types of songs, which represent different environments like the sea, the desert, and the urban life. The sea songs reflect the life of sailors and there are eight types of sea songs, including Shillat Al Hamool (The Song of the Porters), Naza Al Sharaa (Raising the Sails), and Hambal, a march song with drummers leading the procession.
The songs of the desert are often in praise of the camel. These include Al Taghrud which is sung while riding camels, while Al Taariq is a Bedouin song with two singers taking alternate verses and Razha is a dance which is characterised by the sword and poetry exchange.
Participants leap into the air carrying their swords during the performance of Razha, which considered the ‘dance of war’.
Other dance forms include Al Ruwah with drummers, Al Mawlid, which is performed at religious and wedding celebrations, and Al Dan involving two rows of dancers interspersed with solo acts. Bar'aa is a dance of Dhofar done by two youths holding daggers while Raqs al Nisaa is a dance by women bedecked with ornaments and Al Wailah, a women’s dance of Ibri done by rows of women.
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