Three Omani brands feature in elite list of companies

Oman Tuesday 09/August/2016 21:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Three Omani brands feature in elite list of companies

Muscat: Three Omani brands have been featured in a major publication about visual identities in the Arab World.
‘Finjan’ and ‘The Quarry’ of Al-Alamah marketing agency and ‘Lomi’ of Packagin’ You were among more than 60 selected brands from different Arab countries in the second edition of the book.
Alamat Arabiya (Arabian Brands) book was published in June after three months of collecting and selecting the brands.
The made-in-Bahrain book is of 240 pages and features a number of brands with short description in English and Arabic, according to Ahmed Al Tattan, founder of Brandin’ You Company and author of the book.
He explained that the book is being seen as an encyclopedia for marketing and branding in the region.
“The book has been a hit among business leaders in Saudi Arabia and Oman,” he said, adding that he hopes his book will take part in the upcoming Muscat International Book Fair 2017.
Talking to Hashar Al Munthiri, CEO of Al-Alamah marketing company, he said that Finjan (Arabic coffee cup) project started as a trial to invest in the Omani coffee and turn it into instant coffee, all whilst maintaining the authenticity of taste and experience.
“Gradually, it would expand to provide an integrated experience that deals with the Omani coffee ranging from coffee production into other products such as saffron, dates and nuts.
“By virtue of the novelty of the project, each product is a separate identity from the other products. However, the unification of all products within The Finjan’s visual identity gives the name of the company.” he explained.
Hashar added that Al-Alamah chose to create a minimalistic logo design using an Omani coffee cup as its form.
“The design was unique as it was compatibility between Arabic and Latin. With this simple optical pattern it carried all signs, symbols and the atmosphere that accompanies the Omani coffee experience,”
Talking about his other brand, Hashar clarified that Al-Alamah faced a challenge when they worked on the identity of the company that specialises in the supply of marble called The Quarry (Al-Mahjar).
“The company’s founder was strongly interested in the embodiment of the quarry within the logo and visual identity options,” Hashar explained.
“By using the image of The Quarry sent by the client as an inspirational basis, we started to draw our perception of a scene that could remain with the company for decades after. After long drawing stages in the drawing and simplification, we have managed to get to the final logo drawing,” he concluded.
The book can be ordered online at the cost of OMR15.
It also includes an infographic on how to create a visual identity.