Learn ocean swimming in Muscat

Lifestyle Tuesday 09/August/2016 18:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Learn ocean swimming in Muscat

Swimming is a great way to get refreshed from the mundane office hours and stressed work schedule. Besides it is considered the top workout programme to burn fat, shape body, and improve breathing, among many other benefits.
Muscat is a perfect place for swimming enthusiasts as the capital area has beaches perfect for sea swimming. During the evening hours even on weekdays we can see the Shatti beach area is crowded with people venturing out in the sea after having the regular exercise or a game of football. The long stretch from the Crowne Plaza to the Chedi Hotel end is ideal playground for swimmers. There are groups doing swimming exercise as well.
Swimming in a group has many advantages. According to experts, the group activity brings the best out of individuals.
Ocean swimming also helps you come closer with the nature. If you are a beginner do it with the guidance of a trainer. It is always better to learn swimming from an experienced trainer, before taking a plunge.
One such big group is doing it in Muscat near Kalbouh Park in Muttrah. Dr R. K. Sanghavi has been training swimmers here since 1984.
Sanghavi, who is a medical practitioner by profession, has been offering free swimming classes to all for more than two decades during weekends. From little kids to people above fifty are among the group.

Learn ocean swimming
Dr Sanghavi’s free training classes

Location: Kalbouh Park
When: Friday and Saturday
Time: From 7am onwards
Things to bring: Goggles and swim suit

[email protected]