SIDRAH 3.0 launches to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit among Omani women

Roundup Tuesday 02/July/2024 05:40 AM
By: Times News Service
SIDRAH 3.0 launches to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit among Omani women

Sidrah 3.0, the third edition of the leadership program for Omani women, has launched, bringing with it much excitement and promise. Building on the achievements of the last two years, where 106 women reached new heights in their professional journeys, Sidrah 3.0 aspires to shape entrepreneurial mindsets that resonate with Oman’s evolving socio-economic landscape. 

Co-designed and co-run by Lahunna Oman and Outward Bound Oman, Sidrah 3.0 welcomes a diverse group of young women aged 20-35 from across the Sultanate, including jobseekers, young professionals and entrepreneurs all united  to learn, lead and innovate.

This two phased program is crafted to endow participants with the entrepreneurial acumen, resilience, and leadership qualities essential for shaping the next generation of trailblazers and business leaders. 

Through a blend of experiential learning, interactive workshops, mentorship, community building, and personalized coaching, Sidrah 3.0 kindles a lifelong passion for learning and growth, and forms a supportive community who will brighten Oman’s future with their  purpose and grit. 

Over the 3-month program, participants will be immersed  in simulations and role-plays which are designed to heighten self-awareness, perseverance, and effective collaboration. This holistic approach aims to release their sense of higher purpose and shape service-oriented mindsets, so they can make a meaningful impact within their communities and beyond. 

Shatha Salim Al Maskiry, Founder of Lahunna Oman, said: “Following the success of our previous editions, we are privileged to provide Omani women with an enriching journey that inspires them to  shape their own future with confidence. We have expanded the program to include entrepreneurial skills,  so they can participate and drive innovation in serving the national priorities of Oman’s Vision 2040.” 

Richard Lewis, Executive Director at Outward Bound Oman said, “Today, we embark on a new journey with the launch of the Sidrah 3.0  in collaboration with Lahunna Oman. Through our innovative Sidrah programme, we aim to empower young women by building their capabilities and expanding their professional horizons. Outward Bound Oman's renowned soft skills outdoor courses are at the heart of this initiative, providing unique opportunities for participants to develop leadership, resilience, and meaningful connections. By fostering the personal and professional growth of young women, we are contributing to the realization of a diversified and sustainable economy, as envisioned in Oman Vision 2040."    

The program includes sessions delivered by Protiviti Oman, IDENTITY in addition to online courses by Salalem, an AI-powered Learning Management System, group coaching sessions and one-on-one sessions by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – Oman Chapter. Fostering empathy, active citizenship and social responsibility participants are mandated  to volunteer  and lend their time and support to address community needs. 

Malak Al Shaibani, General Manager of Corporate Relation and ICV at Oman Shell
expressed, “We have been a supporter for Sidrah since its inception, and it is evidently
an initiative that has been successful in unleashing and transforming the potential of
the young Omani women. We invest in youth, especially women to develop them as
entrepreneurial leaders who will certainly contribute to the sustainable development of
Oman. Women development is a key pillar of the Shell Powering Lives strategy, and we believe that the Sidrah program is the perfect initiative to help us achieve this goal.” 

Sidrah 3.0 is proudly supported by a group of partners and sponsors, including Oman Shell,  Visa, MB Foundation, OQ and Bank Nizwa as well as media partners Al Wisal, Merge 104.8, and Virgin Radio Oman.  

Launched in Oman in June 2022, Sidrah has consistently created a space for Omani women to share their talents and overcome their self-limiting beliefs. The  program equips participants with essential future-of-work skills in problem-solving, change leadership, character development, and service learning, all while reinforcing Omani values, social responsibility, and citizenship.