Oman makes remarkable presence at Arab Radio & TV Festival

Oman Monday 01/July/2024 10:31 AM
Oman makes remarkable presence at Arab Radio & TV Festival

Muscat: The 24th edition of the Arab Radio and Television Festival, which concluded in Tunisia, had an alluring experience through the remarkable presence of the Sultanate of Oman.

Oman won 10 different awards in various intellectual, value-based and cultural categories. It was represented by the Ministry of Information by Radio Sultanate of Oman (Oman Radio) and Oman TV, as well as the private radio FM “Al Wisal”.

This year’s festival saw an unprecedented number of participating works. As many as 143 entries were presented by 28 Arab institutions, including 20 works that were contributed by members of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU).

Oman Radio occupied 5 advanced positions in the festival’s competitions. In this context, Yousuf Humaid Al-Yousufi, Director General of Radio of the Sultanate of Oman, said that Oman Radio annually wins trophies at the GCC and Arab competitions. This, he observed, reflects the continuous progress that Oman TV is making in terms of quality of products. The accomplishments also demonstrate the success of the Information Ministry’s comprehensive plans.

The Ministry’s plans, he explained, encourage creativity, innovation and measures to hone the skills of media professionals, notably talented people, through ongoing training programmes across different sectors.

At the recent festival, Oman Radio’s epic drama “Battle of Salloot” won a silver prize, while a radio programme titled “Our Health” merited second prize in the category set for “Mental Health.”

Oman Radio also won second place in the educational programmes competition. The winning programme dealt with the issue of school dropouts.

Meanwhile, Oman won two more awards: One was set for the radio contest titled “Ancient Architecture 2024”, and the second was in the contest set for “Radio and TV Exchange Materials” for the year 2023.

Oman TV also won 4 awards at the Arab Radio and Television Festival for a documentary titled “Breathtaking” that was produced by the Ministry of Information.

Oman TV also won an award set for Joint Arab-European Television Production in appreciation for a programme titled “Markets and People” and another award for the a documentary titled “Friday Gate at Nizwa Market,” that was produced by the Ministry of Information.

In addition, Oman also obtained second place in appreciation for a TV programme titled “Sharing”, in addition to another award set for general documentaries and programmes. The programme also focuses on the activities of the busy Nizwa Market during Fridays.

Al-Wisal Radio merited two awards—the first for occupying second place for its variety programme codenamed “Primo” and the other for its programme titled “Healthy Life”.