Muscat toddler sets world record for fastest counting

Oman Wednesday 26/June/2024 18:57 PM
By: Ashok Purohit

MUSCAT: At an age when most young girls are captivated by dolls and toys, a Muscat-based toddler has already made her mark on the world stage. 

Vianna Kanojia, a 20-month-old, has set a world record for the “Fastest Recitation of 1 to 10 Counting by a Toddler.”

On April 6, 2024, Vianna’s proud parents, Sanjit and Payal, witnessed her record-setting recitation. She counted from 1 to 10 in just six seconds, breaking the previous record of eight seconds. Recently, they received the official certificate and confirmation of her remarkable achievement.

At the time of her record-setting recitation, Vianna was one year, eight months, and fifteen days old.

The record was validated by the International Book of Records, a global organisation with ambassadors around the world. 

This platform allows individuals to showcase their unique talents and inspire others to push their limits. The organisation documents and publishes notable records across a wide range of achievements.

Speaking to Times of Oman, Sanjit Kanojia, Vianna’s father, said: “We came across this platform through social media, where we saw many people showcasing their talents in various fields, which inspired us. We are aware of Vianna’s ability to learn things quickly, often leaving us speechless. She loves listening to rhymes and music, and even croons to her favorite songs.”

Sanjit continued, “At a very young age of 15 months, she had already started reciting alphabets and numbers. 

She sings rhymes and recites alphabets and numbers almost daily. One day, we noticed her counting from 1 to 10 very quickly, and that’s when we decided she should attempt a record. We registered her with the International Book of Records.”

Her mother, Payal, expressed their joy: “We are delighted and proud that she has set a world record before even turning two. As parents, we believed in Vianna’s potential and encouraged her to participate.”>A2

 “We hope she will continue to achieve more laurels in her life, and we are here to support her in all her endeavours. We also extend our gratitude to the International Book of Records for recognising our child’s talent,” Vianna’s mother Payal said.

Vianna’s achievement is now a part of International Book of Records’ global narrative, encouraging children and parents alike to recognise and cultivate their unique talents.

Vianna’s story is a reminder that age is no barrier to achieving great things.

Her parents, Sanjit and Payal, are confident that this is just the beginning of many more achievements to come.

They remain committed to supporting and nurturing her talents, looking forward to a future filled with even more remarkable milestones.