The Butcher House: A modern twist on the classic steakhouse in Oman

Roundup Wednesday 26/June/2024 16:09 PM
By: Times News Service
The Butcher House: A modern twist on the classic steakhouse in Oman

MUSCAT: The Butcher House is redefining the traditional steakhouse experience with a fresh, modern approach that prioritises both quality and sustainability. Here’s a closer look at what makes The Butcher House unique and how it’s setting itself apart in Oman’s culinary scene.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the Butcher House launch in Oman. What exactly is the modern take you are bringing to the classic steakhouse?

The Butcher House is a unique concept that prioritises high-quality meat and minimises waste. Unlike typical restaurants where chefs strive to craft dishes, our chief butcher honours the process by ensuring the highest quality and minimising waste. This new approach transforms the traditional steakhouse experience, allowing guests to feel the passion in every plate and taste.

Before developing our concept, we conducted a market study, which reaffirmed our belief that there is, indeed, a lack of truly high-quality steakhouses in 5-star hotels.

Another aspect that we have focused on is the décor. Traditional steakhouses often feature dark, heavy furniture. We have moved away from this concept with brighter colours, more light, and a family-style dining area, appealing to younger generations, while catering to the typical mid-age and older guests of classic steakhouses.

Given Butcher House’s focus on high quality meats, where do you source meats from, and how do you ensure the quality meets your standards?

We currently source our beef from premier producers in Australia, and are actively expanding our offerings to include cuts from South Africa, the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, and Japan.

Every meat delivery undergoes a rigorous inspection by our expert butcher. Only cuts that meet our exacting standards are accepted, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience for our guests. We work very closely with our suppliers to guarantee highest quality of meat.

The Movenpick brand is known for its global sustainability program called SHINE, which it plans to adopt in Oman. How does the Butcher House hope to adapt sustainable practices for example using locally sourced ingredients in the menu?

At The Butcher House we embrace sustainable practices whenever possible. We have established strong partnerships with local organic farmers, ensuring freshingredients and chemical-free produce. Oman's vast coastline allows us to source seasonal fish and seafood products locally as well, further minimising our environmental footprint.

How will you differentiate yourself from other steakhouses in the city? Apart from great food, how will Butcher House provide a unique dining experience?

The Butcher House boasts a variety of innovative features to elevate our guests’ dining experiences. For the first time in Oman, we will be offering a selection of premium beverages by the glass. Towards this end, we have invested in a machine that preserves the freshness of our drinks, allowing guests to indulge in wider options.

For intimate gatherings, we offer a private dining room that comfortably accommodates up to eight guests. Additionally, The Butcher House will be a hub for exciting culinary events, featuring unique experiences never before seen in Oman.

We understand that not everyone is a steak aficionado. To cater to a wider audience, we will have a dedicated section on our menu featuring a variety of delicious seafood, vegetarian, and poultry options.

Tell us how your life experiences have shaped you as a chef. We hear you have been cooking since you were 11 years old!

I was introduced to butchery at a very young age. By the time I was 11, I was deeply involved in our family-owned butchery, a legacy passed down through generations. I learned the craft by observing my grandfather and father. They instilled in me the importance of respecting the animal. This early exposure ignited my passion for the field, and even today, whenever I go on vacation, I return to our butchery to lend a hand and reconnect with my roots.

Could you share a memorable personal food experience or dish from your past that has significantly influenced your culinary journey and approach to cooking?

I hail from the region of Adana, globally renowned for its kebabs. Like any butcher from my area, it was only natural that I started my culinary journey mastering the art of kebab making. However, I always felt there was more to explore. Back then, I would order my steaks well-done, as that was how I was accustomed to eating meat. My perspective changed dramatically the first time I was served a medium steak. The tenderness and the incredible burst of flavors were a revelation. To this day, I am grateful to the chef who refused to prepare my steak well-done, as that experience taught me how to truly enjoy a steak.

Apart from meats, which are clearly your area of expertise, what other cuisine do you find yourself gravitating towards, when you personally dine out?

I do like my Turkish cuisine, and it is not just about the amazing meats; we also have some great fish dishes. But frankly, I am drawn to the flavors of Arabic and Omani cuisine which have similarities to the Turkish ones. Wherever I travel, I enjoy exploring new cuisines and incorporating those influences into my dishes, creating a more globally inspired menu.

What are the top 3 dishes you would recommend to guests looking forward to dine at Butcher House?

Ribeye Steak is our most sold steak. Its rich buttery flavor and the melt-in-the-mouth tenderness is a perfect choice.

For those who seek a truly unique experience, my recommendation is the Tomahawk steak. In my opinion, it is one of the best steakswith the bone in; thicker cuts giveit a total different feeling. What makes it extra special is that the meat itself is a ribeye with the rib bone left inside. The butcher doesn’t have to make additional cuts into the meat to take the bone out and that’s why it is considered more natural than the ribeye.

Finally, for those who prefer leaner options, tenderloin is a great choice. This cut, sourced from a muscle rarely used by the animal, boasts incredible tenderness and a delicate, buttery texture that practically melts in your mouth.

How do you plan to ensure that guests keep returning for future dining experiences?

As mentioned earlier, we will offer special events to our guests to give them a unique dining experience.

We are always looking to keep things exciting at The Butcher House and have lined up truly unique dining experiences for our guests.

We are also on a quest to source some of the finest cuts from around the world, which will translate as new additions to our menu.

We are constantly striving to elevate our guests’ dining experiencesand have planned new promotions and regular menu updates.