Development projects seen gaining pace in Musandam

Oman Saturday 22/June/2024 19:19 PM
Development projects seen gaining pace in Musandam

Khasab: Musandam Governorate currently witnesses development, construction and expansion of a number of infrastructure and tourism projects which would contribute to the increase of the number of tourists to the governorate from other countries as well as attraction of more local and foreign investments.  

Sayyid Ibrahim bin Said Al Busaidi, Governor of Musandam said that the governorate saw development works in the various fields including at the residential areas and centres of the cities.

There are also projects under construction of which some have nearly completed and others at the stage of consultancy studies, he added.

He said that the governorate has allocated development programmes to the tune of OMR20 million during the current Five–Year Development Plan.

He said that the completion percentage of Dibba Port Development Project stood at 75 percent approximately with expected completion of structural works by first half of the next year.

Regarding Dibba–Lima–Khasab Road, he said that the work is progressing rapidly in the initial road works which exceeded 55 kilometres in length.

He pointed out that this initial road is expected to facilitate and ensure smooth traffic between the wiayats of Musandam and to contribute to tourism movement in Musandam.

Regarding the new airport in Khasab, he said that the Civil Aviation Authority has awarded a number of tenders including tenders related to the soil studies and consultancy studies of the design.

On Khasab Port, he said that the company assigned with the management and development of the port is currently carrying out the management and investment of the facilities of the port and is conducting the feasibility studies.

There are many investment lands awarded to investors in the wilayats of Bakha, Madha and Dibba.

Speaking on the health sector, he said that the works at Khasab and Madha hospital are at the stage of internal preliminary works and are both expected to open and offer their services within the current five-year plan.