India: Groceries being delivered in Gurugram through drones, along with healthcare supplies

World Wednesday 19/June/2024 06:27 AM
India: Groceries being delivered in Gurugram through drones, along with healthcare supplies

Gurugram: Besides medicines, groceries are now being delivered in Gurugram via drones to bypass traffic congestion and environmental concerns, Skye Air CEO Ankit Kumar said on Tuesday.

In cities like Gurugram, drones are providing an attractive solution by providing quick, eco-friendly and accurate delivery services, he said.

Praveen Dutt Purohit, a customer living in Gurugram, said that he gets goods delivered very quickly when he orders online while some goods reach his place within minutes.

Purohit said that when he asked the delivery boy how he brought the goods so quickly, he said that it came from a drone.

Ankit Kumar, CEO of Skye Air, a drone service company, said that Skye Air is a drone logistics company that was started in 2019.

Kumar said that Gurugram has become the only city where drone delivery is being done successfully and the government has also supported this sector.

Regarding Skye Air, Kumar said, "We started with two drones and now our company has 30 drones. If you compare it with traditional methods, drones have countless advantages, especially in busy urban areas like Gurugram."

"First of all, drone delivery provides fast and efficient services as it is able to easily bypass traffic. This not only reduces delivery time but also eliminates traffic congestion and carbon emissions, promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics solution," Kumar said.

"Along with this, drones ensure access to areas that are difficult to reach. It will reach narrow streets and busy areas without any hassle, ultimately expanding the reach of delivery services," he added.

Ankit said that drones are used in healthcare and medicines are delivered to the mountains by drones, where people face difficulty in reaching.

"We are working in Himachal where roads get blocked, we are doing good work in the healthcare sector," Ankit Kumar said adding, "Our target is that we will have 100 drones in the next 18-24 months."

Speaking about the challenge in delivery through drones amid inclement weather conditions, Ankit Kumar said, "There is also a big challenge regarding weather in drone delivery. Everything that flies in the sky has to face the weather."

In response to the question if drone delivery is possible even in bad weather, Ankit Kumar said, "When the weather is very bad we do not fly the drone. We can fly in light rain, but we do not take risks."

When asked if this service of delivery through drones will be started pan-India, Ankit Kumar said, "We are focusing only on Gurugram in e-commerce, quick commerce. Although we are working in Deoghar, Patna, Nagaland, Himachal in the healthcare sector, we are also working in agri-commodity."

Speaking about funding for the project, Skye Air CEO Ankit Kumar said, "The company has also received a fund of about Rs 33 crore, with which we will grow in this sector."

"We are working with AIIMS in the healthcare sector, we are also working with NHAM and with companies in e-commerce," he said.