Young Omani receives award for the best invention in Shanghai

Oman Saturday 15/June/2024 14:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Young Omani receives award for the best invention in Shanghai

Muscat: Engineer Ali bin Salem Al Busaidi won the gold medal and special award cup at International Exhibition of Invention and Innovation 2024 in Shanghai, China, for inventing a paramedic device.

The device can be used to significantly reduce traffic accident response time for victims and speed up communication with the emergency teams in the Sultanate of Oman. The device helps in receiving accident information automatically and accurately and contributes to reducing the level of human error in determining the accident location, and helps in achieving the highest level of integration in responding to emergency situations.

 It uses many modern and advanced technologies and helps in connecting to a group of rescue devices for all emergency cases. It also enables the concerned authorities to reach the accident site in the shortest possible time.

 It contains a set of smart rescue devices for various types of emergency situations, such as automatic fire extinguisher, smart first aid box, drowning rescue device, heartbeat sensor in case of sudden attacks, sound and lights connected to the device in the car in case of emergency, and a system for opening car doors and windows immediately after an accident occurs for easy rescue and to avoid suffocation.

 The device enables the driver to call and send text messages automatically from the vehicle in case of emergency, supported by a link to the site of the accident or emergency, to the competent emergency teams in the Sultanate of Oman and to one of the driver’s relatives as well. The messages include vehicle data, specifying the time of the accident and other necessary data.