India: Youth group develops mini-forest with Japanese Miyawaki method in Raipur

World Friday 14/June/2024 17:21 PM
India: Youth group develops mini-forest with Japanese Miyawaki method in Raipur

Raipur: Displaying a sensible approach towards the environment, 'Young India Group' in Chhattisgarh's capital, Raipur, has developed a mini-forest through the Japanese 'Miyawaki' method.

The 'Miyawaki' method requires a small space where saplings are planted very closely so that it allows young trees to protect each other and block sunlight from hitting the forest's ground.

The key attraction of this mini-forest is over 2,500 saplings of various varieties, including mango, neem, banyan, medicinal plants and others, planted in a land area measuring around 5000 square feet at Gandhi Udyan in Raipur. Compared to other plantations, Miyawaki forest absorbs 30 percent more carbon dioxide from the environment.

To deal with increasing air pollution in the city, the volunteers of Young India Group have planted saplings at Gandhi Udyan through Miyawaki method in September 2023, which turned into a mini-forest in a short span of less than one year.

With support from the district administration, the volunteers of Young India Group are formulating a concrete action plan to develop more such mini-forest through the Japanese method.

The state government is making efforts towards contributing to the environment by developing oxigen and Krishna Kunj but through this concept, Young India Group is attempting to ensure plantation of maximum plants in less space so that pollution could be reduced and environment gets more oxygen, said Paramjeet Singh, member of Young India Group.

Praising the group's effort, the state government has also helped us, he added.

The state government is extending support to the group in this initiative and under this campaign, the government is providing a specific area inside a garden to us so that plantation could be carried out through the Japanese method, said Singh.

As everyone knows, plants inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen, therefore, efforts are being made to plant the maximum number of plants, said Pulmonologist Dr Devi Jyoti Das.

Praising the effort, the doctor said that the significant move will not just enrich the environment with more oxygen; instead, it will have other benefits. Moreover, the pure air will be helpful in curbing common lung-related allergies.

Under this initiative, Miyawaki has been developed at three places in Raipur, which include Gandhi Udyan, and planning is underway to develop it at other places as well, said Commissioner of Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC) Avinash Mishra.

The concept is very much needed in urban areas, added RMC commissioner.

Speaking about the benefit, the officer said that this is native forest and due to this, it grows at faster speed. Moreover, the survival rate of plantation is also very high and very suitable for the development of mini-forest. This concept will be replicated in more areas.