Parts of Oman affected by tropical storm Vayu
June 16, 2019 | 11:16 PM
by Times TV

Parts of Oman have been partially affected by tropical storm Vayu, as reported by people residing in South Al Sharqiyah.

Locals in the area have circulated photos and videos on social media of sea water entering houses near the South Al Sharqiyah Wilayat beach.

"Today is the middle of the Hijri month and the tide is always high at this time. This synchronises with the indirect impact of the tropical system that has caused increased height of the tide, which has led to drifting of some parked vehicles near the coast.” - Salim Al Ganboosi, a local resident

The tropical storm "Vayu", is about 700Km away from Oman sea, with 50 - 55 knots wind speeds at the center, directed to the West/Northwest.

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