Salalah, Jabal Akhdar top choices this Eid

Oman Wednesday 12/June/2024 20:33 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: With the 9-day break beginning from Friday, Salalah and Jabal Akhtar have emerged as top destinations this Eid, according to travel agents based in Oman.

With temperatures rising, there are several places where people can enjoy the cool weather in Oman.

From Musandam to Salalah, we highlight some of the locations that are worth visiting during this nine daybreak.

Jabal Akhdar

Located at a height of about 3,000 metres above sea level, temperatures in Jabal Akhdar are on average 15 degrees Celsius less than other parts of Oman.

There are several points of interest in Jabal Akhdar, including Diana's point, which is named after the late Princess Diana. The former British Royal was adored the world over, and it is no different in Oman. The village of Ar Rus, carved into the rock, is also a great way to explore the rich history of Oman.

Jabal Shams

Arguably the best place in Oman to watch a stunning sunrise. Jabal Shams – which aptly means the Mountain of the Sun – competes with Jabal Akhdar for the title of Oman’s highest mountain range.

Part of the same Al Hajar Mountain range as Jabal Akhdar, Jabal Shams represents an easier climb than its counterpart, but still represents a challenge to inexperienced drivers.


The lush green grass has started covering the Dhofar region to mark the Khareef season which starts later this month.

While the rest of the Middle East experiences hot summers and sweltering heat, temperatures in Oman’s southern region plummet to as low as 20 degree Celsius or even lower. The Khareef (Arabic for ‘autumn’) brings visitors to the Dhofar not just from Oman, but from the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries as well.

Dimaniyat Islands

Located off the coast of Oman, some 70 kilometres from the capital, Muscat, the Damaniyat Islands are a great way to cool off at sea. While the cool sea breezes are more than enough to beat the heat, the island is sure to be an attraction for nature and adventure lovers. The crystal clear, calm blue, nutrient-rich waters around the islands are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling amidst the colourful reefs and abundant marine life.

The islands are only accessible by boat, and tour operators in the country assist visitors, should you approach them. Several options are available, including full-day, half-day and sunset trips out into the Sea of Oman and the islands.

Masirah Island

Although Masirah is located some six hours away from Muscat, (the drive and boat ride) it is totally worth visiting.

The island is another amazing go-to place for snorkeling, and here a turtle conservation project is currently underway. It’s also a great place to set up camp and go fishing with your friends and family. The inhabitants are extremely open, friendly, welcoming and hospitable to outsiders, with resorts on the island catering to locals and foreign visitors alike.