ISWK Cambridge, the school of choice, celebrated another year of achievement and excellence during its Annual Day 2024

Roundup Thursday 06/June/2024 10:01 AM
By: Times News Service
ISWK Cambridge, the school of choice, celebrated another year of achievement and excellence during its Annual Day 2024

Muscat: ISWK [Cambridge] proudly hosted their Annual Day celebration on the 1st of June, 2024. This year's event commenced with a tribute to their late colleague Mr. Nambi Rajesh, an IT manager whose sudden passing away left the school community in shock and sadness. However, the event soon transformed into a vibrant celebration of achievements, talents and the spirited essence of the school community.

Under the theme "GUSTO" the event featured a captivating dance drama showcasing an array of fairy tales and folk songs from diverse cultures, symbolizing the celebration of life. Colorful performances by the early year learners set the tone for the morning’s entertainment, followed by an eclectic mix of choir, dance and fashion displays, each performed with grace and grandeur by learners. The theatrical performances featuring intriguing characters portrayed by the learners kept the audience entertained throughout the event.

The Annual Day served as a gathering of the ISWK [Cambridge] community, comprising learners, educators and parents, commemorating yet another successful academic year. The Principal Mr. D N Rao and Vice Principal Ms. Sowmya proudly highlighted the school’s journey of accomplishments, honored outstanding learners, showcased diverse talents and reiterated the school’s commitment to education and core values.

The event featured a variety of captivating performances including musical arts, dance routines, theatrical presentations and more so showcased the creativity, dedication, sincerity and teamwork thriving within the school, further solidifying its reputation as the #SchoolOfChoice.

In addition to the cultural performances, the event also recognized exceptional achievements in sports, arts and community services, filling the School Management with pride and joy. Honorary President Ms Gargi Chugh’s special address highlighted the school’s journey, role of education in today’s dynamic world and the vision for the upcoming academic year. The Chief Guest Ms. Massrat Shaikh, a renowned educational psychologist, author and speaker delivered a thought provoking message, inspiring the ISWK [Cambridge] family.

The presence of esteemed guests and dignitaries further motivated the entire school community. Awards and accolades were presented to deserving learners and educators, acknowledging their dedication and contributions to the school, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among all attendees.

ISWK[Cambridge] is committed to providing holistic education, global exposure and nurturing the potential of every learner, empowering them to excel in an ever-changing and competitive world.