Foundation stone laid for Telegraph Island development project in Khasab

Oman Tuesday 04/June/2024 21:12 PM
Foundation stone laid for Telegraph Island development project in Khasab

Khasab: Musandam Governorate on Tuesday celebrated laying the foundation stone of a project to develop the historical Telegraph Island (Jazirat Maqlab) in the Wilayat of Khasab.

The project is an environmental tourism facility set up by Musandam Governor’s Office in cooperation with Musandam Municipality, OQ Company and the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism.

The ceremony was held under the auspices of Sayyid Ibrahim Said Al Busaidi, Governor of Musandam.

The project includes the construction of a 731 square-metre multipurpose hall attached to a 130 square-metre public service building, in addition to the construction of a sea landing platform (8x2.5 metres) and a mountain walkway leading to all parts of the island.

The project also includes the establishment of two photography piers overlooking the most important landmarks around the island, a shaded area, a guard room and a building for electricity generators and fuel tanks. The project assumes significance from the island’s unique historical fame.

The island was once an incubator for the first modern telecommunication line in the Middle East. It derives its name from the sea cable extending from the city of Mumbai on the Indian continent to the city of Basra in Iraq. The island thus became a transmission station in 1864. The station was set up after written permission to the British government issued by Sultan Thuwaini bin Said bin Sultan Al Busaidi

This landmark saw the birth of the modern communications movement in the region. Thanks to its demographics, natural components and outstanding location among the maritime creeks. The Telegraph Island serves as an attractive destination for tourists and adventure lovers.