Play Laser Tag in Oman

T-Mag Thursday 04/August/2016 16:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Play Laser Tag in Oman

How many of you all were told not to do fun, admittedly hazardous things, like mountain biking, sky-diving, or even going for concerts, when you were a kid because you were “too young”? I vividly recall wishing and wishing to become an adult fast, so I could do all the rough-and-tumble “adult” things my older sister got to do. I did become an adult in due course, and though some days I regret that wish as I wearily get up for work or pay a bill, but nowadays I certainly do get to do all the fun things. Much to my delight, I have become the age-envy source of torment for other young adventurers.

Most recently, I was torturing my younger relatives with tales of paintball, to which they responded by attacking me with their little soft toys. Remembering my own youthful longing, I decided to put an end to their misery by finding a similar combat activity, which might be a bit safer for these aggressive little tots (and for me for that matter). That’s when I discovered laser tag.

Back in the 1980s, an era when futuristic gaming was beginning to take the world by storm, ‘Star Laser Force’ was invented for sci-fi lovers by a man named Lee Weistein. It was a welcome invention for computer gamers and Star Wars fans who could drop the joystick and experience full body, sci-fi-worthy gaming with their pals. The game was sold to World of Wonders shortly after its invention and renamed ‘Laser tag’. The first Photon Game Centre opened in March 1984, setting standardised rules and instructions for play.

Since then the game has been popularised in many countries with centres opening across the globe boasting the latest technologies and targeting devices to give players the best gaming experience possible. Here in Oman, there are two such centres where wannabe warriors of all ages can come and play, so I grabbed the youngsters and went off to check them out.

Inside the arena, darkness engulfed me, the only source of light a soft glow around the colourful, techy radiations coming from who-knows-where. I felt a bit safe in my thick vest with a big laser gun in my hand, but I shuddered knowing that the little vermin I brought with me, now somewhere out there in the darkness, had the same firepower. I was nervous, moving cautiously through the black room. I could almost hear my opponents breath, but spinning around to face a black wall, I realised that it was only my own heavy breathing. A bright laser shot lit up the air above me, and I turned to face the naughty group who had surrounded me.

I was gonna have to shoot my way out. I won’t bother telling you who won the battle, but I can say, that we all, both young and less young, went home feeling like heroes. [email protected]