Israeli continues deadly offensive in Rafah, closes two crossings

World Sunday 26/May/2024 16:30 PM
Israeli continues deadly offensive in Rafah, closes two crossings

Gaza: The Israeli occupation forces persist in their ground onslaught on Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and the closure of the Karm Abu Salem and Rafah border crossings in the province, disregarding the recent rulings of the International Court of Justice.

The ICJ, the highest judicial body of the United Nations, ordered Israel last Friday to immediately halt its military operations in Rafah. The court also emphasized the necessity of keeping the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, Gaza’s only gateway to the outside world, open to enable the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Under the provisional measures, the court demanded that Israel, in line with its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, take concrete actions to ensure access for any United Nations investigation or fact-finding committee to investigate reports of genocide without any hindrance.

In a clear defiance of the court’s orders, Israeli forces intensified their aggression on Rafah, with warplanes and artillery targeting multiple areas in the city during the last few hours, resulting in the martyrs of dozens and injuries, as well as significant destruction to the homes and properties of civilians.

According to medical sources, no patient or wounded person has been able to leave the Gaza Strip since the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing was occupied by the Israeli army, estimated at around 20,000 patients and wounded individuals.