Plan to build some roads in North Al Sharqiyah

Oman Saturday 25/May/2024 19:59 PM
Plan to build some roads in North Al Sharqiyah

Muscat: Khamis bin Mohammed Al Shamakhi, Undersecretary for Transport at the Transport, Communications and Information Technology, unveiled a plan for rehabilitation of the road linking Sinaw to highway and Wadi Bani Khalid Road which starts from Al Aqaba to centre of the Wilayat in North Al Sharqiyah.

The tender of the alternative road would be announced in due curse on completion of the procedures with other related parties.

Construction of Al Aqaba Road, which leads to Wadi Bani Khalid, was announced prior to the unusual weather condition.

The road suffered huge damages and the Ministry would on construct a new alternative road to Al Aqaba six to seven kms long to avoid rock fall.

For the alternative road, the Ministry would seek the assistance of the companies executing similar roads in Oman.