Floward announces initiatives to enhance employee mental well-being during World Mental Health Month

Roundup Wednesday 22/May/2024 10:39 AM
By: Times News Service
Floward announces initiatives to enhance employee mental well-being during World Mental Health Month

Muscat: In recognition of World Mental Health Awareness Month, Floward, the go-to online flowers and gifts delivery destination in MENA and UK, has collaborated with Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network (FSHN) to host a mental awareness workshop led by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Ayesha Kamal for its employees on May 20. The company also launched its employee mental health program in partnership with Modern Health, a global mental wellness platform offering solutions to employers.

The workshop, held virtually to accommodate Floward’s employees across all its countries, aimed to educate, and raise awareness about mental wellness and taking “Ownership of Your Mental Health”. Dr. Ayesha Kamal shared valuable insights about the idea of wellness, how to focus on energy, developing a proactive mindset, and creating a resilience toolkit. The workshop was attended by employees from all departments and countries, highlighting the company’s commitment to promoting mental well-being among its team members.

Furthermore, Floward understands that mental health is a dynamic aspect, intricately linked to various facets of life such as relationships, physical health, and financial well-being. Common challenges like anxiety, depression, and burnout necessitate a comprehensive approach to support employees both personally and professionally. Hence, Floward has partnered with Modern Health to implement a program aimed at enhancing the well-being of its employees and guiding them towards success.

This program grants employees access to a wide range of mental health resources, including individual therapy sessions, personalized coaching, curated content tailored to address various mental health issues, and ‘Circles’ which are group sessions led by Modern Health specialists. Floward firmly believes that this investment in mental health resources is essential not only for the personal well-being of its employees but also for enhancing their overall productivity in the workplace.

Floward's collaboration with FSHN and Modern Health is a step towards creating a positive and healthy work culture, not just during World Mental Health Month, but throughout the year, affirming its commitment to promoting mental health awareness and providing resources to support its employees' mental well-being.

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