Regional workshop highlights initiatives for measuring electromagnetic fields

Oman Monday 13/May/2024 19:25 PM
Regional workshop highlights initiatives for measuring electromagnetic fields

Muscat: Acting in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) on Monday opened a 4-day regional workshop titled “Electromagnetic Field Compatibility: Achieving a balance between tower connections, their safety and the selection of power tower sites in the Arab Region”.

The workshop saw a large turnout of telecommunications regulators, policy makers, information and communications technology specialists, health and safety experts and parties interested in electromagnetic fields from Oman and abroad.

The workshop, aimed at raising awareness about human exposure to electromagnetic fields, underlines international recommendations and standards and discusses regulatory and legal requirements for establishing communications towers.

The workshop addresses common challenges in the field of management of electromagnetic fields and proposed solutions within the framework of urban planning and construction of communications infrastructure.

The workshop also highlights national efforts in Arab countries and introduces awareness initiatives to display practical ideas for measuring electromagnetic fields.

Monday’s activities included panel discussions and working papers on the importance of evaluating and measuring the levels of electromagnetic fields, in addition to drafting guidelines and protocols for such procedures.

This workshop coincides with the ITU’s Group 5 meeting for Arab States, which provides training on bridging the related standardisation gap.