Oman showcases bold national energy transition roadmap at World Hydrogen Summit 2024

Business Monday 13/May/2024 17:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman showcases bold national energy transition roadmap at World Hydrogen Summit 2024

Rotterdam: The Sultanate of Oman is marking its participation in the World Hydrogen Summit 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands from 13-15 May, by showcasing its bold vision to become one of the largest exporters of low-carbon hydrogen by 2030.

The World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam is the largest and most senior global hydrogen event, and Oman is participating in its biggest edition to date. The high-level Omani delegation includes senior officials of Oman’s Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transport, and the Sultanate’s Embassy in the Netherlands, alongside a consortium of Oman’s biggest hydrogen-focused players including Hydrom and OQ Alternative Energy.

In addition to an impressive pavilion steeped in true Omani hospitality, Oman’s participation at the Summit includes a carefully planned roster of activities including speaking opportunities, high-level discussions and meetings as well as site visits to green hydrogen projects in Amsterdam. Throughout these engagements, the Omani delegation will focus on presenting the country’s ongoing efforts to build a full-fledged ecosystem that capitalizes on its strategic position and unlimited potential to become a rising global hub on the green hydrogen map.

A cornerstone of Oman's aggressive energy transition plan, Hydrom has secured over $49 billion to produce 1.38 million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030. This significant milestone, achieved after the successful second round of green hydrogen block auctions in Dhofar, marks the completion of Phase A of Oman's Hydrogen Strategy. In preparation, Oman is ramping up its infrastructure, planning to install 40 million solar panels, 2,000 wind turbines, and 650 electrolyzers by 2030 to power its green hydrogen ambitions.

Speaking on Oman’s successful participation in the World Hydrogen Summit, Mohsin Al Hadhrami, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, said, “Oman’s participation in one of the most prominent forums for the hydrogen sector globally reinforces our commitment to join world efforts to create a sustainable energy future and aligns with our national strategy for energy transformation and environmental preservation which aims to reduce emissions without affecting economic growth and global energy supply.

"Oman has developed a roadmap aimed at achieving Net Zero by 2050. This strategic planning has facilitated the establishment of a solid foundation for a green hydrogen sector, serving as a cornerstone for driving investment opportunities to the country, together with over 50,000 km of land earmarked for green hydrogen and renewable projects, an investment-friendly ecosystem and by our local capabilities and expertise.  Our ambitious plans aim to produce more than 1 million tons of hydrogen by 2030, and approximately 8 million tons by 2050, with expected investments amounting to USD140 billion. The Sultanate has also begun setting controls for the exploration and production of geological hydrogen, and is close to completing a feasibility study for blue hydrogen, which is considered a type of low-carbon hydrogen that contributes to reducing emissions of some sectors that Oman seeks to attract.”

Al Hadhrami went on to add, “Our strategic vision will reinform Oman’s position and role in energy security, locally and globally, as well as our contributions to the growth of the renewable energy and low-carbon hydrogen sectors.  The projects in Oman are integral to our plans and we are investing to further expand on our programs and projects leveraging on our natural resources.”

Ghalib Al Maamari, Chief of Business Development at OQ Alternative Energy, said: “At OQ Alternative Energy, we're spearheading low-carbon molecules projects as part of our energy transition plan, facilitating the production of green hydrogen, through vectors such as ammonia. We are leveraging Oman’s key competitive advantages of abundant and complimentary renewable energy resources for large-scale solar and wind energy projects and world-class infrastructure, including established export terminals along trade routes. Our efforts are pivotal in driving the energy transition worldwide. Collaborating with our partners, we've made significant strides in advancing three green hydrogen projects through various stages of development.”

Commenting on Oman’s progressive energy transition strategies, Eng. Hafsa Rashid Al Subhi, Account Manager at Hydrom said, “Oman is already putting green hydrogen aspirations into action having awarded eight large-scale green hydrogen projects to date at a total investment of more than $49 billion and a total production of 1.38 million tonnes per annum from 34.8 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity at the sites.” She added, “Our target is to achieve Oman’s 2030 production targets, amplifying Oman’s potential as a key global producer of green hydrogen.”
With ambitious targets and visionary leadership, Oman’s drive to become a leading global green hydrogen hub seems well underway driven by innovation, abundance and a futuristic outlook that promises to reshape the global energy landscape through the power of green hydrogen.