Ministry of Education conducts training programme for 60 employees

Oman Sunday 12/May/2024 19:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Ministry of Education conducts training programme for 60 employees

Muscat: The Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Administrative Affairs (Office of Individual Performance System), implemented on Sunday morning a training programme titled ‘Performance Management According to the Proficiency System for Measuring Individual Performance.”

The two-day programme targets 60 employees of the Directorate-General of Administrative and Financial Affairs and took place at Muscat Hall in the Ministry’s General Diwan.

The training programme is presented by a number of trainers from the Office of the Individual Performance System and the Specialised Institute for Professional Training of Teachers.

The programme includes an introduction to performance measurement and the OKRs methodology, its implementing the strategy, the sources of the basic employee plan, its elements, classifications, standards for its formulation, the main results and its characteristics.It also includes types of indicators, the conditions that must be considered when choosing the indicator, and practical steps to help determine the indicator.

The programme also includes the final (annual) evaluation and its controls, the steps for approving its results, the definition of feedback, its stages, the possibilities for its success, and strategies for providing it, addressing and developing performance.

The programme also includes dividing the results, steps to address low performance, analysing it using a radical analysis method, proposed solutions in the event that the development plan is not successful, Ejada kit tools, and visual displays for the stage of evaluating the role of the direct official and the employee.

The programme aims to improve the formulation of goals and main results in the individual plan, improve the selection of weights, indicators, and logical targets to measure goals and main results, identify the roles of the direct official, and calculate the result of the actual performance evaluation at the end of each (semi-annual) evaluation cycle.